The em-trak Sailor Xtreme package is a bundled package of the em-trak B300 Class B and S300 VHF Antenna Splitter which enables a single VHF antenna to be shared by your VHF radio and AIS Class B.

The IPx7 Sailor Xtreme package is ideal for use in harsh marine environments and offers a unique combination of toughness and performance. Small and robust, shock and vibration proof this bundled package includes the high performance water and weatherproof B300 AIS Class B with built in VDR and the water and weatherproof S300 VHF antenna splitter.


The em-trak S300 product included in this package is a ruggedized and certified IPx7 waterproof VHF/AIS antenna splitter.


Receive and display all AIS transmissions in real time and transmit your own position with the fully ruggedized em-trak B300 AIS Class B.  FCC, USCG, Canadian and globally certified, the B300 AIS Class B delivers the best performance and reliability with the lowest power consumption. Guaranteed plug and play interoperability with any display system and navigation application instantly enables the full range of AIS related alerts.


Fully ruggedized for long term continuous reliable operation in even the toughest marine environments. Completely water and moisture proof, internal electrical screening to protect against performance sapping interference from other electrical devices, and a unique chassis system that protects the electronics from the long term effects of vibration. The B300 is built to operate reliably along side you. 


If you are looking for a tough AIS transceiver and splitter package that will keep you safe, is compatible with all your navigation applications, has the lowest power consumption and the best performance, then the Sailor Xtreme is the ideal choice for you.


US BOAT OWNERS - US federal regulations prohibit you from programming your own Class B with your details. Once your order has been placed we will contact you for your vessel details.  This will enable your unit to be programmed prior to despatch. Prior to your unit being received you may wish to read the helpful installation guides on our installation pages

Sailor Xtreme Package - 1 X B300 Class B & 1 X S300 Antenna Splitter.

SKU: 413-0081
$838.00 Regular Price
$628.50Sale Price
    • FCC & USCG & International certified standard AIS Class B
    • Small and lightweight
    • Fully ruggedized, Water, Moisture, SALT FOG,  Shock, Vibration  proof
    • Multiple interfaces: NMEA0183, NMEA2000 ensures plug and play compatibility with most display systems
    • Internal GPS antenna means that an external GPS antenna is optional
    • High quality, engineered to last
    • HF-AIS core technology for enhanced AIS message processing – see more see further
    • Global 3 year warranty




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